Insurance Disability Today care is a very important factor that plays a fundamental role in the life of each of us. During the last decades this has changed a bit thanks to the invention of insurance, since this important but difficult work has been facilitated greatly, because the creation of insurance as the inability to contribute to improve the distribution of some of the more scarce assets we possess as money and time. Insurance for disability are specialty insurance to protect economically and physically to people when they enter in a State of temporary disability that prevents them from working and therefore obtain income; This type of insurance specializes in providing the possibility of maintaining a daily normal life during the course of disability, as it helps to remedy economic during this time needs, not to mention that this insurance helps cover expenses in case of being necessary and even in some cases it is also possible that through this insurance the insurance entities provide personalized attention to the insured of the insured, providing a nurse or caregiver that is held as pending for our needs at all times. It is proper to emphasize that most companies currently provide this type of insurance employees with the purpose that they possess floor to eliminate any need for a temporary injury or illness. It is very good to mention that thanks to the high water that has had this kind of insurance today this can have several divisions; among the most prominent and important will find some as: short term disability insurance: these are insurance that provide economic resources for times ranging from 2 to 26 weeks, typically resources are determined by percentage of the salary of each person, these percentages can range from 40 to 65 percent of monthly incomes that were obtained...
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