Fresh Fish On Every Table or: What proverbs have to do with fish how often one has the slogan: "Fresh fish on every table!" because already heard. But let's face it: Who wants it? Well, on each table so also doesn't have to be. Each second is sufficient also. Recently real-estate developer sought to clarify these questions. Now I see a frightened affirmative but also happy faces. Visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. Yes, that's with the humanity: "An art that can't be done is quite done everyone!" Back to the fish. Really every day with me in the fish restaurant "Aquamarin" comes fresh fish on every table. Fish in large quantities and unlikely many variants. You want the menu? Well, I can only say: "who has the choice, has the pain!" Ensure prepared at least 13 species of fish in the different versions. Now some are wondering: what about meat? Well to tell me: "Schuster stay at your last!" Yes, there are meat dishes and even vegetarians have a choice. The specifics are but our fish dishes. By the way, I have recently released according to the motto: "new broom sweep well"set a new cooking. Since herbs and flowers on my plates have begun. By guests, the comment comes of course first: ne, ne "wat the Bauer nit knows, dat anj he don't!" Now could I "talk like a waterfall", but no. I answer: "try goes over studying!". And that convinced. Anyway, my guests live by the motto: "why in the distance cast because the good is so close!" I hereby thank all my loyal guests and sometimes even those who want to engage in the adventure of fish in the fish restaurant "Aquamarin". Birgit Hohenstein
Stuffle Stuffle Popular app for the mobile flea market is now available for Android smartphones a cold, gray day with sleet. While iPhone owners on Sunday comfortably could create space via flea market app Stuffle from your bed in the closet, rang for Android users of the clock relentlessly at 5 A.m.: time for the real flea market. This injustice has now an end. As of now, there is the popular app Stuffle also for Android devices. Sela Ward follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Android version of the iPhone app is not in visually and functionally. Thus, both versions have a new search function: this users can the device not only nearby regardless browse but also for shoes, jewelry or limit search, in order to more quickly find it. Currently around 80,000 offers from more than 110,000 active users visit Stuffle. The previously traded value of the items from A like car tires to Z of tents that were verstuffelt, is 1.25 million euros. In January of this year could Stuffle High-Tech Grunderfonds win as an investor who has been involved with a six-figure sum to the flea market app. About Stuffle Stuffle is the flea market for the Smartphone. The mobile app allows the spontaneous purchase and sale of favorite pieces, used and no longer needed such as on the real flea market. A quote is quick and easy: photo, brief description and a desired price sufficient to reach thousands of potential buyers. Prospective buyers will find available offers to distance to their site: browse through a collection of great and meaningful pictures. A 250 meter on exact location, price and other information found in the detail view of an offer. Via private messages, buyers and sellers can exchange more information, negotiate the price and organize the collection....