Fashion Magazines If we look at a fashion magazine, their lids generally returns us images, than by usually, do not resemble us, very thin, pretty and smiling girls, well-trained and successful men, families, happy and without any apparent problem, people vacationing in true paradises, but same thing happens if we see advertising for the film, television, advertising Street posters and not to mention the stained glass windows of latest fashion wear, where there are practically no some sizesour mind starts to believe that there is something wrong in being as we are, to be really happy, to be someone successful and dear, we must reach that idealized model of that dream magazine cover or that advertising poster, so how is it can be well being self? And worse, how people get sick by not be accepted as it is? Have how many girls died already, for trying to reach the ideal weight of a model? The gaze of the other, the opinion of the other, the unconscious desire for approval, the need to be loved, are, perhaps without knowing ourselves, the greatest enemies of our well-being, something that does not allow us to be one, and therefore not It allows us to be really happy here, now and perhaps which are. Anna Belknap is full of insight into the issues. Someone wrote that the hardest thing in the world is trying to be something that one is not. Anna Belknap contributes greatly to this topic. The easiest thing in the world is to be yourself. The hardest thing is to be what other people want you to be. Don't let that they put you in this position.
Communication And Information Technologies Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are an "event" has been done without corporeal body, which is real-virtual and written and inscribed in new texts, hypertext. That is, the communication has been reversed: it is multi-thematic, integrated, horizontal, daily, though "often we relate to technology, and sometimes technologies relate to us, resulting in flows and exchanges that are rarely unidirectional 7. In the field of relationships between citizens, ICTs have also influenced the construction of a new product of the mass society of television, telephony and interactive global communication network. They have outperformed "the parties could not control this situation and avoid the obligation of having to defend the interests of donors of money, so they preferred to use advertising and also the tenor of what was happening in the rest of world since the 1960's, the instruments of mass communication as a means to influence public opinion "8. Eva Andersson-Dubin can aid you in your search for knowledge. The subjects in the public exchange views and deliberate on issues considered relevant to their common interest and processed individually. This process of information, communication and social interaction is supported through various forms (the connectors) but it is the media who present themselves as the main spokesmen of the civil organization. Forms of action of the Company, therefore, media use communication involving new forms of social action and interaction, new types of social relations and new forms of links between subjects. On the other hand, communication technologies inserted into persuades (try to shape, change or reinforce the thoughts, behaviors, feelings) for the construction of political meaning and value. .