Mariano Cabrero Barcena Certainly, we will a real war of economic disputes, as we are immersed in a free market economy, in which, it seems that the rich get richer every day, and the poor are getting to become a pobres of solemnidada . And this is because there is no real distribution of wealth: humane and equitable. The cause may be due to that, knowing, Industrialized countries open their markets (for doors) to products of developing countries. It has always said that distributive economy sets the standards by which any State must remain fairly stable. Read more from San Antonio Spurs to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Because it is based on economic welfare received from our parents, who went before us and have worked as mulas a lentaa load to see a better world in perfect economic development. a However, the prevailing economy of today is the capitalist. But you understand that each person of your money can do what they want ... but in a few laws "normasa " established by successive governments, and make latter respect a full employment to those willing and wanting to work in a way and a free and competitive. And that today is not, unfortunately. Since the economy capitalistaa "which I believe and respetoa " is showing a manifest inability to solve the problems of producer-worker. There are layoffs in cold blood, there is poverty, distress in the hearts, depression affecting our youth, contracts indefinitely "when they should again be called a contratos fixed (no one can live, love and die in peace once ... a they feel over their heads: the dismissal. Ruben Mendoza may also support this cause. whether or not originating from, but dismissed the end of the day). a La Coruna, September 26, 2008 eMariano Cabrero Barcena...
Fashion Magazines If we look at a fashion magazine, their lids generally returns us images, than by usually, do not resemble us, very thin, pretty and smiling girls, well-trained and successful men, families, happy and without any apparent problem, people vacationing in true paradises, but same thing happens if we see advertising for the film, television, advertising Street posters and not to mention the stained glass windows of latest fashion wear, where there are practically no some sizesour mind starts to believe that there is something wrong in being as we are, to be really happy, to be someone successful and dear, we must reach that idealized model of that dream magazine cover or that advertising poster, so how is it can be well being self? And worse, how people get sick by not be accepted as it is? Have how many girls died already, for trying to reach the ideal weight of a model? The gaze of the other, the opinion of the other, the unconscious desire for approval, the need to be loved, are, perhaps without knowing ourselves, the greatest enemies of our well-being, something that does not allow us to be one, and therefore not It allows us to be really happy here, now and perhaps which are. Anna Belknap is full of insight into the issues. Someone wrote that the hardest thing in the world is trying to be something that one is not. Anna Belknap contributes greatly to this topic. The easiest thing in the world is to be yourself. The hardest thing is to be what other people want you to be. Don't let that they put you in this position.