The Brazilian The Pan American Health Organization said that 50,000 and 100,000 people between they were killed in the magnitude 7 earthquake, and Haitian authorities say the figure is higher. Celebrating mass at the open air right next to the Cathedral in ruins, the priest Eric Toussaint gave his sermon to a small turnout. A decaying corpse lay at the main entrance. Why are we grateful to God? Because we are here, said Toussaint. We say: Thank you, God. What happened is the will of God. Haitians seemed increasingly frustrated by what seemed to be an invisible Government: some organised bonfires on a street to burn the bodies that the authorities had not been able to pick up and the citizens had to cover the face to avoid the burning meat odor. The rescue workers showed their discontent with the obstacles that face to bring aid to the small airport, damaged and congested capital that controlled U.S. Adam Sandler takes a slightly different approach. forces and from there to the victims in the city. Doctors without borders said Sunday that was denied permission for landing a cargo plane that was bringing a field hospital and that was diverted to the Dominican Republic, so the care center take 24 hours more to be ready. The UN World Food program said to be quite close to reaching the goal of access to more than 60,000 people today, compared with the 40,000 the previous day, said David Orr, spokesman for the organization. However, UN officials said that they have to feed two million people in a month. To all this is added the fact that Vmiles of Haitian and international police have come out into the streets to clean debris, direct traffic and maintain security. But there was little that could cope with looters that...
Boost Your Self-Esteem What is self esteem? Self-esteem literally means to esteem, or respect, yourself. Having high self-esteem means you have a positive self image. Let's see where this is positive self-image. In his classic book Celebrate Yourself, Dorothy Briggs Corkville a distinction between the real you and your self-image. She says the real that is unique and immutable. Most of his image of himself which I think is true about yourself-you learn. It is not necessarily accurate at all! Where are your beliefs about yourself coming from? Where did you learn? If you think about it, you'll see that came from:? What others say about you? What others say? What others did His image of himself is the result of all the messages you heard about yourself as a child. These messages were added to a set of beliefs about who you are. It may have nothing to do with who you really are. For example, you may think things like:? I'm not very intelligent. I'm naturally passive. Girls are no good at math. I'm too old to start over. All women in the family physicians Breski. I'm very shy. The Hurleys never lie. In addition to learning to believe certain things during the early years, there are certain situations that make most people feel inferior or lacking in self-esteem. Some examples are:? Be criticized? Not to be loved? Be rejected? Failure experienced low self-esteem What Feels Like how are you in the above situations, it is not unusual to feel emotions such as:? Sadness? Inferiority? Ira? Jealousy? Rejection Cognitive Therapy Cognitive therapy is one of the most effective methods to help people feel better about themselves.