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Little Mermaid Front of the palace was a large garden, it grew fiery red and dark blue trees, their fruit glittered with gold, flowers - a hot fire, and the stems and leaves fluttered incessantly. The land was completely fine sand, but blue as brimstone flames. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nigel Slater. All smacked down there in a peculiar blue - it was the time to think, if not standing on the bottom sea, and air aloft, and the sky you have, not only over his head, but under his feet in no wind from the bottom you could see the sun, it seemed a purple flower, which pours from the cup of light. Each princess was in the garden of my job, here they can dig and plant whatever you want. One flower beds arranged themselves in the form of a whale, the other it occurred to her bed looking mermaid, and the youngest had her flower bed, a round like the sun, and flowers planted on it, such as red, as it itself. A strange child had this little mermaid, the quiet, pensive. Other sisters adorn themselves in different varieties, which are found on ships sunk, and she just loved, and that the flowers are bright red as the sun up there, but still beautiful marble statue. It was a beautiful boy, carved out of pure white stone, and descended to the bottom of the sea after a shipwreck. Near the Little Mermaid statue planted a pink weeping willow, she grew luxuriantly and hung their branches over the statue to the blue sandy bottom, where they received purple shadow in harmony zyblyuschayasya swaying branches, and this seemed the tip of the roots and fawn upon each other.