First People Because a face and a voice when there is he tries to win popular favor and quite another with power in hand. All those who exercised policy have heard that a great love for their homeland and a great spirit of service drives them. Yes, so great is the spirit of service that wish to be the first to receive the honors, the first to receive their salaries, the first in accordance with first citizens preferential treatment. And I advise anyone who wants to serve his people, anyone who wants to do something for your neighbor or your neighbor or your such that does not require entering politics. To do something for others only just decision to grow in humanitarian values every day, in the awareness of improving our human qualities so that it is in our environment. The laws in a nation settled because men didn't do what should of its own volition. Everyone can generate a progress and welfare for others when they contribute with their actions to have order, justice, respect for others, equality of opportunity, understanding and peace. This can be done from the plain, from day to day, in everyday life that we live with our fellow human beings. And there are examples of life, initially anonymous people who did not intend to change the world aspiring to a political office, but tried it with its great solidarity, his selflessness, his great compassion for the destitute, orphans, the brokenhearted health, the dispossessed, the hungry. If you would like to know more about Robert Rimberg, then click here. And these people are ones that mark the true path by his great disinterest toward worldly power and his special interest in humans.
Temporary Center Spent the midnight, a Marine rescue boat intercepted one fourth patera with twenty-seven immigrants. Already at daybreak, a boat type zodiac with nine immigrants of sub-Sahara origin on board, between which there were two babies in arms of its mothers, arrived at the port of Melilla. It's believed that Peter Farrelly sees a great future in this idea. The Civil Guard already had rescued yesterday other 22 immigrants who tried to reach the North African city by the same procedure. Peter Farrelly may find this interesting as well. With these arrivals, the Temporary Center of Stay of Inmigrantes (CETI) of Melilla already shelters 750 foreigners, although its theoretical maximum capacity is of 480 places, have informed today to sources of the Delegation of the Government in the independent city. The coasts of Tariff have been the scene of another rescue of immigrants, that has taken place to the 6,30 hours this morning, when the Civil Guard has intercepted an inflatable boat of toy in which five men of Moroccan origin traveled. The boat had been located by the SIVE to 9 kilometers to the south of the island of Tariff (Cadiz) and was rescued by a boat of the one of the marine service of the military institution to 3.6 kilometers to the south of End Sheep. Finally, other twelve immigrants - also adult men of origin magreb- has been intercepted this morning in a boat to sixteen miles to the east of the capital of the island of Lanzarote, Reef. After a fishing boat sighted and gave warning to them, Marine Rescue sent one of its boats to its encounter and it lead to them to port, where the immigrants were at the disposal of the Civil Guard. Source of the news: Almost one hundred immigrants intercepted from last...