Prime Minister Yingluck Because of the changed direction of the dominant groups of the demonstration, the leader of the red shirts have"shown their previous rejection of the amnesty law as a misunderstanding. Media interpret that as an attempt by the Government-funded to shift the parliamentary debate on the street because the leaders of the red shirts immediately to mobilize their supporters attempting to demonstrate that the amnesty law and the current Government. Addition to assessing the situation between Cambodia to a pending decision of the Weltgerichtshofes in the Hague and Thailand controversial Temple Preah Vihar. Should confirm his ruling in 1962 the World Court, as is suspected, and formulate more detailed and Temple and access to speak to Cambodia the Preah Vihar, which could lead to escalating domestic sound compared to the current Government, as political opponents attributed to a co-responsibility of their party and the ex - Prime Minister Thaksin on the situation surrounding this border conflict the Prime Minister Yingluck. This is referenced to the economic benefits, the company received from Thaksin in Cambodia after it signed an agreement that underpinned the position of Cambodia, which was described by his opponents as evidence of corruption and nepotism and in 2006 led to his fall. So far, the demonstrations were entirely peaceful, but due to the change in the overall assessment and as a precaution tour in Bangkok Asiamar by ID travel the world for the 12.11.2013 his city canceled, at the seat of the Government passes and thus the previous demonstration area. Tour alternatives were offered to the guests. Currently, there is no indication that the public life in Bangkok in any form is restricted. Other parts of the country are not affected at all. Learn more at this site: Jay Schwartz. All travel programs normally take place on the 12.11.2013...
First People Because a face and a voice when there is he tries to win popular favor and quite another with power in hand. All those who exercised policy have heard that a great love for their homeland and a great spirit of service drives them. Yes, so great is the spirit of service that wish to be the first to receive the honors, the first to receive their salaries, the first in accordance with first citizens preferential treatment. And I advise anyone who wants to serve his people, anyone who wants to do something for your neighbor or your neighbor or your such that does not require entering politics. To do something for others only just decision to grow in humanitarian values every day, in the awareness of improving our human qualities so that it is in our environment. The laws in a nation settled because men didn't do what should of its own volition. Everyone can generate a progress and welfare for others when they contribute with their actions to have order, justice, respect for others, equality of opportunity, understanding and peace. This can be done from the plain, from day to day, in everyday life that we live with our fellow human beings. And there are examples of life, initially anonymous people who did not intend to change the world aspiring to a political office, but tried it with its great solidarity, his selflessness, his great compassion for the destitute, orphans, the brokenhearted health, the dispossessed, the hungry. If you would like to know more about Robert Rimberg, then click here. And these people are ones that mark the true path by his great disinterest toward worldly power and his special interest in humans.