Hubsis World With Alfred Jaklitsch Of The Seern "TV tip on good humor TV Hubsis world with Alfred Jaklitsch of the Seern new Seer album Dahoam" entered the album charts in Austria immediately ranked. At the year's seer open air on August 3 on the Grundlsee the successful dialect band introduced the album the big audience. 15,000 Fans and musical guests such as Umberto Tozzi and Wolfgang Ambros celebrated together left out at the Festival and delighted with the new pieces of the home "-album." The Seern no lover of Austropops passes over. Not even good humor TV. We talked personally with upper Seer"Alfred Jaklitsch about the incredible success story of the band, the new album and the gigantic Seer open air on the Grundlsee - but also about the Seer to the Swedish hit guarantor ABBA optical proximity. "" Musically, the show offers of course much Seerisches": wilds Wossa" little be missing as well as the current clip 1 x in the Joahr "and impressive snippets from the open air. Continue to host Hubsi Trenkwalder invites you in its current issue of "Hubsis world" on a musical journey with Vincent & Fernando, Patrick Lindner, Geri, the ex monastery Valley, the Zillertalern, the murz Valley musicians, the most popular Oktoberfest band in the world "Munich dissension and many other luminaries from the folk music and popular hits. Hubsis world"with Alfred Jaklitsch of the Seern: of course on Friday, August 16 at 6: 00: good mood TV source: good mood TV Photocredit: Ariola more information: contact: Franca Barthel / franel press and online promotion Web site: email:.
Howard Gardner Basically, the central idea driving these alternatives is to rescue all dimensions and capacities of human beings seen that intellectual ability alone is not enough to achieve satisfactory performance vital And what are these other dimensions of existence and fulfillment capabilities? Can be cited, by way of illustrative examples, the communication capacity, maturity, imagination, creative, intuitive perception, the relational warmth and spontaneous generosity, among others. If this is a brief chronology of the different kinds of intelligence, mention the first modern intelligence test proposed in 1905 by T. Binet and T. Sela Ward gathered all the information. Simon. Since this proposal has been discussed that it is human intelligence, from which it arises and how it operates and ways of developing it. The now classic IQ IQ is supposed to reveal our level of mathematical ability (or analytical and logical) as well as our proficiency. Tony Parker has many thoughts on the issue. Originally, it was thought that IQ was a good predictor of our chances of success in job performance and professional. However, with the passage of time has confirmed that this is not entirely the case and that the issue of personal good work is something more complex. One of the first significant contributions to this issue it was the work of Howard Gardner who, with his book Frames of Mind (Gardner 1983) opened the discussion by introducing the concept of "multiple intelligence." Thus, The author proposes seven types of intelligences in his book: a) Linguistics b) Logical-mathematical c) Musical d) Cinestisica-body e) Space f) Interpersonal g) Intrapersonal little later, Gardner combined interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences in his study of "emotional intelligence." Subsequently, the same author proposed what could be called "philosophical intelligence" (Gardner, 1999) (5), which combines spiritual, moral, emotional, transcendent, cosmic and religious.