Curiosities Ideal for birthday, wedding, communion or baptism search you have the ideal cake for birthday or baptism? We have here the right place for you! Kemnath (bl), photo cake pictures is a company in the Oberpfalz, Germany which specializes in the manufacture of photo cakes and photo cake pictures specializes. You can decide on the company's Internet site for either an image or a komnplette cake. Photo cake pictures prints each image and makes it on request also still free of charge according to the occasion. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Adam Sandler has to say. The company promises delivery within 3 working days, so that it is even extremely short-term or "Last Minute" comes on the screen for his cake. The quality of the images is very high according to the owner Mr White, despite the low price. 3.30 euros you get a laminated postage plus. You can save yourself even baking of the cake or the cake, because now you can order even a complete pie you can pick up with already imprinted image in a bakery of his environment. Ideal if looking for the wedding or the Birthday has to do other preparations - or plain and simply can not bake. Photo cakes are certainly a very personal gift and tastes in addition also still good! Printed laminated fondant (a.d.Rd: sugar slide) or wafer with food colors so that the trailer can be completely eaten. Soon, the company also on marzipan and thin chocolate wants to print which are also perfectly suitable for the cake or a cake. We have already ordered us a trailer and are curious how it will probably taste!
Philately, Both Science And Art According to the online encyclopedia, philately - a "region of collecting and study of postage stamps, which include stamps, labels, tags, a variety of pharmacists, postage stamps (calendar and special quenching). Traditionally, collecting philately understand the different brands on a variety of topics. Philately occurred at the same time as the first mark, namely, in the 1840's. The term "philately" coined well-known collector, philatelist Georges Erpen. The term is a compound of two Greek words fileo - love and "atelia" - exemption from payment, collection, dues. Until that time, the closest concept of a postage stamp was stamp "Telos" in Greece, which was put on the letter and meant that the letter was paid by the sender. Now there are several types of collectible stamps, among them regional division of philately (stamps of individual countries or regions) and thematic (the brand with the image of flora, fauna, sporting events, automobiles, etc.). Currently, philately is an entire science. Issued special postage stamps catalogs all over the world, published newspapers and magazines on philately, and there are active association of philatelists around the world. The head of all these associations are the International Federation of Philately, established in 1926 at the founding Congress in Paris. It brings together national unions and associations of philatelists from 75 countries worldwide. Philately gets more and more weight as part of the historical and geographical science. After all, buying a particular brand, which was published in honor any event, necessarily becomes interested in the circumstances that caused its occurrence.