What You Need To Create A Good Song Why did one song "sounds" and "haunting" and the other is "past"? What determines the quality of the song, its memorability? Because the question is complex and multifaceted, so as not to get into the jungle, outline it very simplistically. Speech will go exclusively to the genre of Maine strimovskoy songs and no more than togo.Iz what is the song? The song is composed of three main components - melody, harmony, bass. Melody comes first and its quality is determined by logical competent construction of phrases through the articulation of motives. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). And the first requirement for the tunes - is its novelty and originality. What characterizes the novelty and originality of the tunes? Desire for fresh combination of components of motivation and lack of trivial, but the more mundane popevok motifs. Further break down the components of artistry will not, do not belong here - it's a matter of semantics and syntax of musical language. So, simply speaking, the melody must be at least a little original and some of its moments as if a little unexpected. Learn more on the subject from Tony Parker. Unexpected due to joint or matching contrasting motives (this is in some measure also applies to harmony). The author while composing tunes no longer work an analytical mind (though not without it), but there is a process of another property - an intuitive and artistic. It is therefore important innate musicality in this kind of creativity, ie, sensitivity to tones and their combinations. Or, if you want, need a "musical responsiveness. So, the melody should be "straight from the tin, it is desirable melodic (but not always, it depends on the style) and memory (by this occasion, too, can break a lance).
New Dermatology Practice "Competent, innovative, service-oriented Hamburg, September 21, 2009 in Eppendorf a new dermatology practice has settled in the long-established medical centre on the Eppendorfer Landstrasse: Dermatology in Eppendorf" the newly renovated historic building combines the charming Art Nouveau architecture with current and State of the art practice facility for an appealing ambience. Here practised a young team of qualified doctors who have joined after long-time successful cooperation at the opening of a joint dermatology practice together. Goal of the dermatologists is the personal patient care and expert medical care with innovative therapies and modern treatment techniques. The recorded practice team promises a quick appointment, guarantees short waiting times and pleasant opening hours, which make it easier for even professionals to going to the doctor. Dermatology in Eppendorf"provides the patients in addition to the regular opening hours from 8 a.m. to 7 P.m. hours also separate, so that the patients on the weekend or in cases of urgency soon an appointment can get. The patients benefit from the broad and in-depth spectrum of treatment and therapy options that can be offered by the specialized training and regular training of dermatologists. In addition to proven standards of Dermatology Dermatology in Eppendorf allows"the patient also new and innovative treatment methods such as video-based skin cancer prevention, laser therapy to remove hair, scars, age spots, and aesthetic treatments of wrinkles and crows feet. A young and highly dynamic team of dermatologists has emerged from a previously long existing collaboration. Especially the competent medical care using state of the art medical technology is in addition to the personal patient care to the heart. Due to our professional and specialized training in universities, we can offer a wide and extensive range for the treatment of skin and vein diseases. Our perfectly coordinated team takes care of the...