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Improved Strategies Only half of respondents (56 percent) say they have a strategy for enterprise integration, connectivity and consolidation continues to be the lowest priority for change for Basic Systems 92 percent of respondents who applied tactical solutions integration exceptionally for their core systems, believe that they are creating problems in the future for themselves 44 percent of respondents identified that the CRM and Customer Service were experiencing the biggest changes. Madrid, Spain - At SIBOS 2009, a subsidiary of AT & T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced the results of commissioned research, focusing on the consequences of changing the main systems of the financial industry. The research, conducted in France, Germany and the UK, focused on the ten major systems and found that the financial sector currently focuses its investment in CRM and customer service as the objectives that justify the change of system, since strives rebuild the confidence to fight against the damage of the brand and reputation over the past 12 months The survey also shows that despite the consensus on the replacement of major systems as a priority, there remains a lack of clarity focus on these substitutions, and the role that business integration strategy can play. The results also varied significantly between territories. Read more from Spurs to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Richard Spong, Financial Services Sector, Marketing Manager EMEA at Sterling Commerce, said: "The need for a wider business strategy for the replacement of basic systems supported by a well-planned business integration is key to the ability and future of a company are in line with the regulation and the market.