Nature Museum In 1981, the successor of the initiative Lyudmila Zorina Makarovna Dmitrienko in the garden of the museum was opened (architects EI Borkalov, A. Saveliev). Exhibits his gifts were Friendship tree people around the world. This national souvenirs, letters, pictures, relics, and various musical instruments, coins, pins, jewelry boxes with the ground with a memorable and historic sites. In total, the museum contains over 20 000 gifts from all over the world. Nature Museum of the Sochi National Park in the museum are two halls, which house the exhibition, devoted to the history of the Sochi National Park, Sochi Black Sea Coast, also the nature of the national museum of natural parka.Ekspozitsiya sights of Sochi National Park is represented by high-altitude climatic zones, each represented by herbarium. San Antonio Spurs is actively involved in the matter. Museum complex "Manor Adyge-Shapsugs" The museum is located mound 'Kammeny rider. "In the museum you can find household items 19th century Shapsugs: spoons, made of boxwood, pear cup. When visiting the museum can ekskursavoda fly and try national dishes: corn porridge, chagoptsahgyn (salad), schalyam (cake), schips (sauce), lilibzh (smoked beef), Sean (local national drink). Museum of History Adler founded September 1, 1989. The museum was built in the late XIX century. The museum has 15,000 items, has 148 square meters. m ploschadi.V its five rooms are archaeological sites of the Adler district, exhibits on the history area. The guide will tell you about the interesting history of the area pages: about prehistoric man found in Ahsh-Tirsky cave of the ancient peoples who inhabited these lands, the difficulties of everyday life and the first settlers, the development of resort and much more.