The Greatest The ideas are not finished when one encounters them. This is only first step towards a process, at times, too long. And finally the last step for our unexpected success. It's the action. They said it in X-files, the truth is out there. And it is true. Many times we locked us in our homes, in our offices, hoping that something happens. ng facts. Waiting for a miracle. But it does not happen. Life is there outside and normally is where to get the power of the unexpected to find us. They say that Gutenberg was walking quite lost in their desire of inventing the printing press. For many laps that gave him could not find a way to make books without the hands of monks scribes cast sparks. Although he had a goal and an incredible motivation, which would be one of the greatest inventions in history, she refused to speak so easily. It is what often happens in these cases. Until one day, he decided to go for a walk. Nobody knows whether to take fresh and thus oxygenate their ideas, either to stretch your legs a bit, the case is locked inventor ran into what would be the maximum inspiration for his greatest achievement: a press to make wine. To observe how the press doing its job he quickly connected this idea with the problem that was around in his head too long. When these things happen always wonder the same thing: would today have the printing press if it fails to be by that historic ride? Or even, would would be the? does imprenta as we know it if the inspiration would have found it in another place that wasn't wine press? That will never know it but the moral that leaves us this beautiful story...
Economic Processes Consume Time And Money A better alternative: business mediation it needs patience, money and a low frustration curve for the often unsatisfactory comparison to get right in a business process. In particular, a long breath is required. As read in the trade journal of the 21.08.2012 was, lacking in the German courts currently 3000 lawyers to handle the upcoming economic processes in a timely. The result: very long duration of proceedings. From his long-standing practice as a commercial judge at a Regional Court Chamber Bernd Mattern concludes: economic process eat very many resources. A faster conclusion of the process is usually only possible, if the parties compare. Often an unsatisfactory for both sides compromise, in particular because in the meantime accumulated cost avalanche for witnesses, experts, attorneys and courts." That it is different and better, the Certified Business mediators believe Ling & Mattern. The solution is negotiation instead of arguing. As business mediators Ling & Mattern prepared the framework for an amicable solution of the conflict. This involves the economic mediation not to dispute resolution, but a structured process, in which the participants with the help of mediators can resolve their concerns and lead to an amicable solution. That this is sustainable and the broken relationship can resume driving, solution is the desired win win. The basis for further business or labour relations maintained. The agreements are fixed in writing, to avoid later any subsequent legal disputes and to be able to start on equal footing and positive again. "The benefits of commercial mediation are the time gained, saved costs and last but not least" back intact relationship and thus the basis for entrepreneurial success.