Web Cams If you have a computer with web cam and would like to keep a record of the time of entry and departure of persons, this article explains how to do it. A biometric control system is a set of hardware and software. This system to be based on recognition of the face is called Facial biometric attendance Control. Hardware is responsible for obtaining biometric readings. In this case, the webcam, which is responsible for capturing images of the face of the person. Jorge Perez gathered all the information. For this Facial biometric attendance Control need an image as clear as possible that you will obtain it with a webcam in 1 Mega pixel resolution reals (without interpolation by software), the majority of portable computers mid-range that incorporate webcam meet this requirement. The software is responsible for reading and processing the biometric reading. In this case, detects when a person is in front of the webcam, located his face, reads it and looks for the unique characteristics of the face (the distance between eyes, size of the) eyes, mouth width, distance eyes mouth, etc.), which are ultimately that distinguish one person from another. These unique features are stored in a database and are those that allow the software to identify the person and record the date and time in which the biometric reading took place. Software that performs these processes is i-Faces Planigrafo, more information can be found on the web site of Planigrafo.com in the following link. Traditional control systems of assistance with fingerprint reader sometimes have problems when fingerprints or the reader is dirty, the traces are of low quality for the reader, or fingers are dry. With the control of Facial care system these problems are eliminated, only needed the person to look at the camera for a...
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