Licensed Film Fighting video piracy in Europe and began a long time, and came to Russia a bit later. Prospective buyers react to the fight when a disk replication. Say, relatively restrained expressed the middle class, as can afford from time to time purchase of licensed product. Elite, by and large, have always supported the policy of the state, as hopes that the acquisition of legal studios higher profits will lead to improved quality. But those people whose income is defined as "below average>> completely against and blames for the infringement of their rights of law enforcement agencies. Indeed, regularly fly Licensed drives much of the population can not afford and is satisfied with copies. How replicated DVD-discs objectively inferior in quality original? The answer is ambiguous. The same film among unauthorized copies often can be found in a completely different quality. Why? It's pretty simple. Because the sentence dictated by demand. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. Thus, when the picture just appears in the hire, licensed dvd yet commonplace does not exist. But many are not averse to buy a movie on a disc and watch it at home rather than go to the cinema. And consequently, the pirates need to quickly throw a party on the market "Ekranok>>. After a while license disk with this film comes out, for example, in producing countries. Pirates once again reap huge gains, instantly translating it and giving the market long before the official studio. And there are translations of various levels - is not uncommon odnogolosy quite qualitative, or even double-voiced interpretation. If the film has been officially dubbed, unpretentious pirates can copy the license disk. Duplication DVD-ROM drive is considered to be profitable and popular, because usually a pirate translation of which appears before the...
English Russian Words are not translated, because the brain has already recognize them as part of the vocabulary of the first, native language. What do you make it easier to understand, I will give you a few example: you are translating for myself into Russian words such as PR, content, video, e-mail with, etc.? I'm sure almost all will give a negative answer. Yet, all these words have Russian equivalents: advertising, content, music video and e-mail, respectively. Your brain ceases to translate these words to make them 'family' for you after a certain period of practice with these words, repeating them in different situations. You may want to visit Anna Belknap to increase your knowledge. For your brain the above words are part of the Russian vocabulary. Moreover, most immigrants are beginning to use some of the words a second language, the words of his mother, which leads to the conclusion relatives before the words out our active memory and replacing them with new ones. So whenever you are dealing with someone who has lived abroad for several years, you always hear how he uses the words of the country where he now lives, in certain situations. Thus, reading aloud texts, watching movies, serials, listening to English speech on the radio or in some other way, your brain is working very vigorously, analyzing the information received and at some point starts to record new words in their Zapasnik words. At this point you feel that you can easily understand a second language and you give them a good own. 4. Raise your active memory there are two concepts that describe and define human memory: active and passive.