Kids And Internet At the end of each cartoon crippled so - LLC "AS Studio 2000" and OOO "Kids Session 1," 2001. Find information on the early figures could not - "aces" were so "professional" that no traces on the Internet have left. The latter, unfortunately, still exist. On the Web site, made, by the way, rather clumsily, posted a catalog of forty cartoons with disabilities, next to each name proudly emblazoned - "new version". Rate refinement - "terrestrial and cable channels offered the directory containing the 11:00 of the best domestic cartoons in the new version (restoration of an image and a new sound) produced by the makers of the famous movie studio "Soyuzmultfilm" ... Even if we ignore the absurdity of the phrase itself, from the "masters ..." we can agree, but with the "restoration" - absolutely not. So why is it done? I have to say that any formal response can not be found, "restoration" that secret jealously guarded. Therefore, I can offer several versions, often discussed on the Internet. Version 1. Source sound cartoons lost due to the usual Russian razdolbaystva, rewritten so sound - better than nothing. Version rather shaky. Based on the technology of storing cartoons, completely lose the sound and save image is very difficult. In addition, the archives of television, on CDs and cassettes of individuals, finally, certainly left a copy of acceptable quality. And most importantly - on some television channels are the same cartoons with original sound. Version 2. Animation pereozvucheny to bring them to the modern format for normal playback of sound in cinema and home theater systems, and the original soundtrack of this can be done.
European Conquest Conditionally elemental magic can be divided into two branches: Energy (vibration) and essential. The first type involves the use of immediate qualities of nature. Very clearly illustrates the well-known to us his movie "Avatar". The second type is based on communication with the entities - the inhabitants of natural levels of native qualities of the elements. Mage does not use energy themselves, all make the entity. Fire - salamanders. Water - Naiad, Ondine. Land - Gnomes. Air - Les Sylphides. Here I present the European classification because it is closer to us and familiar. In fact, the main difference is only in names that were given to entities in different traditions. In addition, each of the species Magic has two ways of practice. Thus, the practitioner's energy branch, can choose between by conquest and by merger. Way merger involves a meditative mood to search for a certain quality elements, transference of consciousness followed by dissolving in it. Magician himself becomes water, fire, earth and air. Completely change the perception of the world. So, merging with the water of the river, he becomes a river, you feel you floating in the fish coming to your beach people, to penetrate between the stones. You can even consider his physical body, sitting in your bank This type of magic is not passive. Magician could easily lift a wave, speed up or slow down its over, because it is a river. The path of conquest requires mastering certain techniques based on similarity.