European Conquest Conditionally elemental magic can be divided into two branches: Energy (vibration) and essential. The first type involves the use of immediate qualities of nature. Very clearly illustrates the well-known to us his movie "Avatar". The second type is based on communication with the entities - the inhabitants of natural levels of native qualities of the elements. Mage does not use energy themselves, all make the entity. Fire - salamanders. Water - Naiad, Ondine. Land - Gnomes. Air - Les Sylphides. Here I present the European classification because it is closer to us and familiar. In fact, the main difference is only in names that were given to entities in different traditions. In addition, each of the species Magic has two ways of practice. Thus, the practitioner's energy branch, can choose between by conquest and by merger. Way merger involves a meditative mood to search for a certain quality elements, transference of consciousness followed by dissolving in it. Magician himself becomes water, fire, earth and air. Completely change the perception of the world. So, merging with the water of the river, he becomes a river, you feel you floating in the fish coming to your beach people, to penetrate between the stones. You can even consider his physical body, sitting in your bank This type of magic is not passive. Magician could easily lift a wave, speed up or slow down its over, because it is a river. The path of conquest requires mastering certain techniques based on similarity.
Lev Korchagin As Musical instruments - they are empty inside, you need to fill the same sound. L. Pavel: That is some of my problems, or luck, on the contrary, it is Demidov: This tool is the letter, it notes that should resound. They have not only simply written, people did not know it note. L. Pavel: I can manage it? Demidov: Sure, you can manage, of course. It's just like jazz. That's jazz: if you do not know exactly the melody, and if you are not connected with the tools to musicians as a whole The jazz musician has such an ability - when he comes in here is like the state of jazz, he soon hears all the instruments together, had they not separated. And when he hears them as a whole and each of separately, that's only if he can improvise within the tunes. And this freedom. It can reach every person in humanity, when he heard here this connectedness of the ensemble, which is called 'humanity' - jazz Orchestra 'Humanity'. L. Pavel: That is, everyone should understand that he - a piece of everyone else? Demidov: Without a doubt. And love all the others. L. Pavel: What does it mean - to love? Demidov: To feel that they are - it's as if he it's part of it. So it really is, but just as we do not feel it. Need to feel that all the people around - this is how my children are my closest loved ones as a part of me, I am of them depend on others, and I am glad that I have from them depend on others. I only want to please them. L. Pavel: So, it turns out that a Kabbalist, a leading Israeli actor suddenly plays a major role in...