The Spring Festival After Valencia Sea of flames and Fireworks every year travel up to 300,000 people in March in Valencia, Spain's third largest city. Not just the balmy temperatures and first rays of the Sun, which usher in the spring season are reason. Instead attracts the popular "Fallas" Festival"in the city. For the exhilarating celebration, the Valencians put mighty in the stuff. 800 huge plaster, wood and papier-mache dolls are made new each year and painstakingly to sink finally into a roaring blaze. The Internet portal reisen.de reports on the exciting events. A holiday in Valencia from March 15 to 19 holds a special surprise ready. In a multi-day street party, locals and visitors celebrate the end of winter and thereby sacrifice hundreds even made dolls. These are made far in advance, voted the most beautiful and the remaining works of art finally ignited. The custom originates from the pagan as well as Christian tradition. According to tradition He was celebrated in the middle of the 18th century. The carpenters have honoured their patrons, the St. Joseph with the burning of the first straw dolls. Today the inhabitants of Valencia indulge in weeks before the Festival sacrificially preparations. From the beginning of March, getting through on the streets of downtown is difficult. Reason are the many marquees, extending several days in advance. The overwhelming celebrations look but even most locals over the sometimes chaotic period. More information:... Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann
Synthesizer Conclusions When a child, I entered a music school, my whole family went to buy a piano. The only thing I remember is the horror of my mother when I enthusiastically pointed to the huge piano with candlesticks, because we lived in a two hruschevke. It was finally bought by the smallest domestic pianos do not remember what brand, which took place in my room. During the 8 years I have plagued their parents and neighbors about their daily occupations. Just in case clarify - student music school must deal with every day and not less than one hour, preferably two. With the neighbors after a few nervous conversations it was agreed - to do no later than 10 pm. In summer vacation at the cottage, I went to do a local club, and when choosing a holiday home or pioneer camp in parents was a separate concern - find me a piano. But is the story of 25-year-old, then indeed the only option when choosing a piano was a wooden acoustic instrument, variations existed solely on the manufacturer, the sound quality and price. Today we add a huge new reservoir Tools - electronic. They have many advantages - they are cheaper, smaller, have the widest range of advanced features unavailable in conventional piano. But still, many prefer acoustic instruments electronically. For professional musicians, connected his life with classical music, the choice of an acoustic instrument is unique. Natural high quality piano sound, but still in good Concert Hall, a man with a good ear for music will not be able to exchange electronic sound.