Jordan Travel Tourism The country of Jordan is bordered by the Iraq to Israel, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia. The country has only round 26 km of coastline on the Gulf of Aqaba. Officially includes also the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the country Jordan also. Israel is however very stubbornly occupying those areas. The country issued its claim on the Westjordnaland on the PLO in 1988. The Jordanian economy is based primarily on the phosphates, as well as a burgeoning tourism which makes a round trip to the most important historical sites, so for example to the city a special experience will be Petra. The climate in the country has hot, dry summer. The winters are rather cool and humid. In the valleys there is at least warm summer hot but in winter. Tourism in Jordan: The city Aqaba (a seaport situated on the Gulf of Aqaba) provides travel, beaches, water and diving for every Jordan. The beautiful, ancient city of Petra attracts visitors who are particularly interested in relics of the Nabataeans. The better-known city Amman (the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan) slowly established itself as a center of Arab art and culture. In Jordan, you will find also the cities of Zarqa (an industrial city in Jordan, which is known primarily as the birthplace of a terrorist), Irbid (the city was known in antiquity also Arabella). It is the 2nd largest city in Jordan and has 2 very interesting museums to offer. The city represents the starting point for many excursions in the northern Jordan Valley.
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