Black Sea Beach We guarantee that if you choose a hotel in Gelendzhik Gelendzhik resort or guest house in Gelendzhik from our help, you'll be pleased with this choice. If there arise any of the proposals place has ended, our experts can find you another it less profitable option of accommodation. The big advantage of our proposals is the lack of strict fixed dates of the races, which allows you to select the date of vacation suitable for you (with any number and at any time). Please note that our company sells the vouchers are not just to rest in Gelendzhik, but also in the Black Sea resorts such as: Anapa, Tuapse, Sochi, Abkhazia, Crimea. 17 years of experience stable operation of the Krasnodar Territory allows us to meet the needs of all our customers. Call us! AND we will find the suitable for you hotel in Gelendzhik Gelendzhik resort or guest house in Gelendzhik. Guaranteed quota of seats in sanatoriums Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Bay resort area well has the success of local health centers, and healing natural springs and mild climate contribute to the effective treatment of travelers. In sanatoriums Gelendzhik can significantly improve their health. The main indications for treatment in sanatoriums Gelendzhik are diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and related - urologic, gynecological, skin, gastrointestinal, and others. The resort also offers a specialized sanatorium for patients with impaired hearing and vision. And the prices sanatoriums Gelendzhik a pleasant surprise, not allowing think about the great expense and you can enjoy your holiday in all its manifestations. Gelendzhik (Russia) Photo: Dolphins Photo: Russia: Black Sea: Gelendzhik: beach, beach Photo: Russia: Black Sea: Gelendzhik: beach, beach Tours in Gelendzhik attracts many people not only from different parts of Russia and abroad, but also of different tastes and interests.
Immersion The same can be attributed to diver-'baddi 'because of the need to be nearby and in which case the signal to each other, but it is more difficult because of the darkness. And of course the best way to be sure his buddies that night dive was comfortable and did not bring problems. You will need to adjust the equipment in a well lit area. It may sound primitive, but many divers are used to set up their equipment on the road to the site immersion, and are often faced with the fact that it is not enough light at night. Also, check your flashlights before they leave the boat. Immersion. It is important to validate your partner before as you leave the shore or boat. Make sure that your light source is attached to the wrist or on the cord before the dive. Turn the lights off before the dive and after surfacing, make it a good habit, try to check constraints before you start the dive. Descent. There are some differences in night diving. You have to stay close to your partner, preferably opposite each other. It is better to descend vertically forward to check constraints, which may be before you. You also need to direct the light downward and to closely monitor where swimming. As during the daytime dives, be careful to avoid damage from coral. During dive. The best way to enjoy a night dive - do not rush and do things sequentially. There are so many beautiful little things that need to be seen, because you need to properly allocate your time, all that time to see. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you realize being needed extra light, night corals in this light seem more colorful and more attractive than in the daytime. Because of...