Village North Karelia. Edge of forests, rain, mosquitoes and wild tourists. And if the rain and the mosquitoes in the summer, the tourists all year round. They roam the taiga, paddle canoes on the rivers, climb the hills, fish in bright, cold lakes. In winter go into the snowy distance snowmobile and just ski. Under the howling blizzard huddle from the cold and photographed against the background of a wild and unique nature. Nature is harsh, but - to his charming. Nature with the magic power of attraction. Gray mossy rocks, sunsets rastsvechennye white nights, beckoning to him again and again. And you want to experience the atmosphere of romance, adventure and the kind of adventure. I would like to once again smell the taiga fire, listening to the rustle of the waves on sunset, and after a difficult transition to admire the fiery flashes of the northern sky. In Karelia there is something to see. Old chapel still intact and in abandoned villages tserkovushki, Village North, special. With its not repeatable life and orders. With houses forts. Where under one roof and house and yard. There are still pristine forests of mighty pine trees in three girth. But in the foamy stream more usual nimble trout and grayling. On the shores of lakes and in old quarries lots of different minerals. And from springs flowing silvery ice water. And just like millions of years ago, in silence, contemplating the vicinity of the granite rocks. Rocks are three billion years. But most importantly, an opportunity be alone with nature. Feel like a man, a part of the body, which is inextricably linked with the outside world. World of harmony and order. World of nature. And probably why they come back for more. They - the people dream. And just - the tourists.
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